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2017 Pacifica (Oxnard) Girl's Team

All stats are recorded as reported by the coaches. If you believe a stat is incorrect, check the game by game stats on the individual teams' page and report which games have discrepancies to the coach.

Team Information

Head Coach: Rachael Carver

Asst. Coach: Arnold Carrillo

Asst. Coach: Rick Santoyo

League: Pacific View

Division: 5

Overall Record: 7-3-4

League Record: 4-1-0

Principal: William Dabbs

Boys' Athletic Director: Ray Camacho

Girls' Athletic Director: Not Listed

School Website: Not Listed

Mascot: Triton

Colors: Green, Black, White

Individual Game Results & Details

* = Game decided by "Kicks from the mark during a tournament"

DateGame TypeOpponent & Game InformationScore
11/30/2017Non-Leaguevs Thousand Oaks (0-1-1)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Espino, Kate (1/0);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (0/2/80);

Thousand Oaks Game Stats
12/15/2017Non-Leagueat Canyon (Canyon Country) (7-4-2)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Escobar, Anna (1/0);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (2/6/80);

Canyon (Canyon Country) Game Stats
12/16/2017Non-Leagueat Valencia (Valencia) (2-0-1)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (1/3/80);

Valencia (Valencia) Game Stats
12/19/2017Non-Leaguevs Camarillo (Adolfo) (1-0-1)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (0/3/80);

Camarillo (Adolfo) Game Stats
12/21/2017Non-Leaguevs Ventura (1-0-1)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Escobar, Anna (1/0);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Camacho, Bella (1/6/80);

Ventura Game Stats
12/28/2017Tournamentat Alemany (0-0-3)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Quintero, Ahlexis (1/0); Rodriguez, Angel (0/1);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Camacho, Bella (1/4/70);

Alemany Game Stats
12/28/2017Tournamentvs Saugus (1-1-1)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Melgoza, Lorena (1/0);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Camacho, Bella (1/4/70);

Saugus Game Stats
12/29/2017Tournamentvs Eastside (Lancaster) (1-1-0)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Hernandez, Brittney (1/0); Melgoza, Lorena (1/0); Quintero, Ahlexis (1/0); Rodriguez, Angel (0/1); Rodriguez, Mariela (0/1); Tapia, Natalie (0/1);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Camacho, Bella (1/0/70);

Eastside (Lancaster) Game Stats
12/29/2017Tournamentat Moorpark (0-2-0)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Gonzalez, Carmen (0/1); Hernandez, Brittney (1/0);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Camacho, Bella (0/4/70);

Moorpark Game Stats
01/10/2018Leaguevs Rio Mesa (3-11-0)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Hernandez, Brittney (1/0); Melgoza, Lorena (0/1); Mondragon, Yamile (1/1); Quintero, Ahlexis (1/0); Raigoza, Yadira (0/1);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (0/3/80);

Rio Mesa Game Stats
01/11/2018Leagueat Channel Islands (1-2-0)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Galvan, Salma (1/0); Melgoza, Lorena (1/0); Mondragon, Yamile (1/2);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (0/0/80);

Channel Islands Game Stats
01/13/2018Leaguevs Hueneme (1-2-0)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Espino, Kelly (0/1); Galvan, Salma (1/0); Gaytan, Nailea (0/1); Quintero, Ahlexis (1/0);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (1/0/80);

Hueneme Game Stats
01/18/2018Leagueat Oxnard (8-4-2)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Melgoza, Lorena (1/0); Quintero, Ahlexis (0/1);

Goalkeeper(s) (GA/Saves/Mins): Zuniga, Leslie (2/2/80);

Oxnard Game Stats
01/23/2018Leagueat Rio Mesa (3-11-0)
Pacifica (Oxnard) Game Stats
Rio Mesa Game Stats

Goals/Assists: Flores, Kayla (1/0);


Team Roster

#PositionPlayerBirth PlaceYear
2Alvarado, Alyssa10
12Arroyo, Kasandra11
0Camacho, Bella11
10DeJesus, Rosa12
21Escobar, Anna12
23Espino, Kate9
13Espino, Kelly11
6Galvan, Salma9
7Gaytan, Nadya12
16Gaytan, Nailea10
0Gonzalez, Carmen9
15Hernandez, Briana11
19Hernandez, Brittney11
20Lopez, Arely10
22Melgoza, Lorena12
8Mondragon, Yamile12
3Quintero, Ahlexis11
4Raigoza, Yadira12
14Rivera, Jackie12
17Rodriguez, Angel12
9Rodriguez, Mariela12
0Tapia, Natalie11
18Zuniga, Leslie11

Individual Field Player Statistics

1. Melgoza, Lorena419
 Quintero, Ahlexis419
3. Mondragon, Yamile237
4. Hernandez, Brittney306
5. Escobar, Anna204
 Galvan, Salma204
7. Espino, Kate102
 Rodriguez, Angel022
9. Espino, Kelly011
 Gaytan, Nailea011
 Gonzalez, Carmen011
 Raigoza, Yadira011
 Rodriguez, Mariela011
 Tapia, Natalie011

Individual Goal Keeper Statistics

1. Zuniga, Leslie64060.7500
2. Camacho, Bella36040.8889

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