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Posted: 11-30-2016 |  Updated: 11-30-2016 @ 11:53

URGENT- Outside competition rule & ODP Clarifications

Clarification by CIFSS and CIF State regarding athletes and outside competition rules

Coaches- please read below.  There is some confusion out there that can jeopardize your season and player eligibility.  The outside competition rule applies all season long and only exemptions for only approved ODP games/tournaments/camps with approved rosters.  

According to the CIF State and Southern Section clarifications andstaying with the long history of the ODP and CIF exemption, ONLY ODP roster players for the specific tournament are allowed to play forboth high school and ODP teamsduring the same season. This has always been accompanied with letters from US Youth Soccer (ODP)for the individual players to present to their schools and coaches. If a student-athlete is notinvited and are not placed on the specific ODP roster for the December/January Disney Showcase tournaments(or any tournament- including CRL gmaes) as an ODP player, they areNOT exempt and may NOT play for the high school and then for a club team in the tournament. We encourage allhigh school coachestobe careful with this issue.  SCHSSCA wants to remind all Southern Section coaches: any student-athlete that plays in December for theirhigh school, who then attends the Disney Showcase and plays for their club team, is in violation of CIF rules and will cause the player to sit out more games in January (2:1 ratio)as well as cause the high school team to forfeit any games the said player competed in previously. See the CIFSS Blue Book at and the clarification from CIF State's website

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  • Have input into the weekly top 10 polls, playoff pairings and selection of All-CIF Southern Section teams.
  • The Association offers several scholarships to student athletes for their academic and athletic success.
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