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Posted: 02-17-2020 |  Updated: 03-02-2020 @ 04:35


March 14th, 2020

Highly Esteemed SCA Coaches,

It's that time of year! Ask your 2020 SENIORS if they are available to COMMIT to playing in the 2020 Senior All-Star Game to be held on Saturday, March 14th, 2020.  

PLEASE SEND YOUR NOMINATIONS TO YOUR DIVISION COORDINATOR ASAP.  Once we receive all the nominations we will SELECT the teams.  

2020 Girls Senior All-Star Game @ Newport Harbor High School

12:30pm D1/D3 vs. D2/D4 (note the change in time)

2:30pm D5 vs. D6/7 (note the change in time)

2020 Boys Senior All-Star Game @ Cathedral High School

12pm D5 vs. D6/7

2pm D3 vs. D4

4pm D1 vs. D2


*Divisons 1, 3, 5 wear light school uniform, Divisons 2, 4, 6/7 wear dark.

All players must bring their SIGNED LIABILITY FORM