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2017/2018 Division 3 Standings

Clicking on a team (school) name will take you to the individual stats for them. All stats are recorded as reported by the coaches. At this time not all coaches are reporting complete stats. If you believe a stat is incorrect, check the game by game stats on the individual teams' page and report which games have discrepancies.

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Division: 3

School (League)LeagueOverallTotal GoalsOverall
Win %
1. Chaffey (Mt. Baldy)1004021840.8333
 University (Irvine) (Pacific Coast)4107112450.8333
3. Crescenta Valley (Pacific)1202184370230.7800
4. Montclair (Mt. Baldy)21082145190.7727
5. Paso Robles (PAC 8)2105132280.7222
6. Westminster (Golden West)1105201480.7143
7. Artesia (Suburban)930177184490.7000
8. California (Del Rio)02084032160.6667
 Carter, Wilmer Amina (Citrus Belt)932125448270.6667
10. Estancia (Orange Coast)40493745250.6579
11. Fontana (Sunkist)31383529200.6563
12. Poly (Long Beach) (Moore)661147357320.6458
13. Villa Park (Crestview)331115522170.6429
14. Saddleback (Orange Coast)42074021130.6364
15. La Quinta (La Quinta) (Desert Valley)110211850.6250
 Oaks Christian (Marmonte)21042212120.6250
 Saugus (Foothill)1014221180.6250
18. Bloomington (Sunkist)523127350410.6136
19. Thousand Oaks (Marmonte)11042323110.6111
20. Claremont (Palomares)100320640.6000
 Dominguez (San Gabriel Valley)64064025160.6000
22. Newbury Park (Marmonte)2003211180.5833
 Quartz Hill (Golden)102213650.5833
24. Pioneer (Del Rio)02043134120.5625
 Santa Fe (Del Rio)0204311460.5625
 Upland (Baseline)10043115100.5625
27. Segerstrom (Golden West)02054013110.5556
28. Bishop Montgomery (Del Rey)341108237400.5500
29. Beckman (Arnold O) (Pacific Coast)12143416170.5455
30. Arroyo Grande (PAC 8)21044212110.5000
 Chino Hills (Baseline)2003309100.5000
 La Habra (Freeway)21155117210.5000
 Valencia (Valencia) (Foothill)21033112120.5000
 Ventura (Channel)34166319250.5000
35. Buena (Channel)17078323300.4722
36. Dana Hills (Sea View)33167228300.4667
37. Esperanza (Crestview)14056321170.4643
38. Culver City (Ocean)352810544460.4565
39. Brea Olinda (North Hills)10034114120.4375
 Valley View (Inland Valley)12223311190.4375
41. Oak Park (Coastal Canyon)26057325320.4333
42. Rio Mesa (Pacific View)23258329260.4063
43. Loara (Golden West)0111212120.3750
44. Ocean View (Golden West)12025013240.2857
45. Sonora (Freeway)0402616210.2778
46. Bellflower (Suburban)480515025500.2500
 Norco (Big 8)1412717250.2500
 Savanna (Orange)25027116320.2500
 Western (Empire)03026014160.2500
50. Schurr (Almont)350310016360.2308
51. Roosevelt (Eleanor) (Big 8)0501628200.2222
52. Rancho Verde (Inland Valley)04016111310.1875
53. Orange (Golden West)0200515190.0833
54. Magnolia (Orange)0600618290.0714
55. Yorba Linda (North Hills)0000715210.0625
56. Santiago (Corona) (Big 8)0600918300.0500
57. Compton (Moore)0130015112520.0313
58. Calabasas (Marmonte)0200605220.0000
 Gahr (San Gabriel Valley)010001104570.0000
 Inglewood (Bay)08001504870.0000
 Morningside (Bay)08001404920.0000

Division: 3

SchoolLeagueOverallTotal GoalsOverall
Win %
1. Laguna Hills (Sea View)000200711.0000
 Norco (Big 8)100100211.0000
 Peninsula (RHE) (Bay)000100211.0000
 Simi Valley (Coastal Canyon)0003001031.0000
5. Serrano (Mojave River)9102312141110.9231
6. Oak Hills (Mojave River)910211293110.9167
7. Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth) (Gold Coast)92011204070.8462
8. Camarillo (Adolfo) (Coastal Canyon)000201500.8333
 Culver City (Ocean)101201610.8333
 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks) (Sunshine)101201740.8333
11. Atascadero (PAC 8)1030163156150.8250
12. Flintridge Preparatory (Prep)10002042135260.8077
13. Marymount (Sunshine)611142449200.8000
14. Mayfair (Suburban)911163310280.7955
15. Alta Loma (Mt. Baldy)1000163566210.7708
16. Centennial (Corona) (Big 8)000101210.7500
17. La Serna (Del Rio)90193333110.7000
18. Knight (William) (Golden)000210640.6667
 Oxnard (Pacific View)602104436140.6667
20. Downey (San Gabriel Valley)721126440200.6364
21. Alemany (Mission)100103640.6250
22. Canyon (Canyon Country) (Foothill)42085231230.6000
 North Torrance (Pioneer)502117259260.6000
24. Cajon (Citrus Belt)00032116120.5833
25. Arroyo Grande (PAC 8)85096429200.5789
26. Los Altos (Hacienda)21043012140.5714
 West Covina (Hacienda)100322780.5714
28. Crescenta Valley (Pacific)822107543270.5682
29. Oak Park (Coastal Canyon)000111770.5000
 Pacifica (Garden Grove) (Empire)000111440.5000
31. Bonita (Palomares)1413439120.4500
32. Chaparral (Southwestern)11023410140.4444
33. Arcadia (Pacific)101231870.4167
34. La Habra (Freeway)020230650.4000
35. Buena (Channel)1222427200.3750
 Saugus (Foothill)010121540.3750
37. Diamond Bar (Palomares)172612525340.3696
38. La Salle (Del Rey)1102419140.3571
39. Murrieta Valley (Southwestern)011012240.3333
40. Ayala, Ruben S. (Palomares)1311316130.3000
41. Poly (Riverside) (Inland Valley)000011120.2500
 Valencia (Placentia) (Empire)010130880.2500
43. Poly (Pasadena) (Prep)1211728280.2000
44. Dos Pueblos (Channel)0410423120.1667
 Golden Valley (Santa Clarita) (Foothill)0100211130.1667
 Thousand Oaks (Marmonte)000021130.1667
 West Torrance (Pioneer)011021570.1667
48. Irvine (Pacific Coast)0200313100.1250
 Sonora (Freeway)011031060.1250
 Woodbridge (Pacific Coast)0110317140.1250
51. Brea Olinda (North Hills)0200402100.0000
 Carter, Wilmer Amina (Citrus Belt)000020380.0000
 Citrus Valley (Redlands) (Citrus Belt)000020040.0000
 Estancia (Orange Coast)000020080.0000
 Murrieta Mesa (Southwestern)0200401110.0000
 Redlands (Citrus Belt)000020090.0000
 St. Joseph (Lakewood) (Del Rey)0100706240.0000
58. Compton (Moore)00000000
 Jordan (Moore)00000000

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