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Posted: 03-29-2018 |  Updated: 04-11-2018 @ 03:31


Here are the 2018 ALL-CIF & ALL SCA TEAM Selections

In 2015, the All-CIF teams were officially reduced from 3 teams recognized by CIF Southern Section to only 1 recognized team.  Since then, the Southern California High School Soccer Coaches Association ( have presented the All Southern Coalifornia selections for the 2nd and 3rd teams as "All-SCA".  The titles of the teams changed from "2nd Team" or "3rd Team" to the "All-SCA 1st Team" and "All-SCA 2nd Team".   

The selection process is a detailed one that involves a committee of coaches from all over the Southern Section.  Coaches from the Palm Springs desert region to Lompoc to Long Beach to San Juan Capistrano to High Desert to everywhere in between, participate in the process.  Nominations are received from coaches through the entire Southern Section and all their nominated players are considered.  Each division for both boys and girls has a selection of 22 players to the "All-CIF 1st Team".  Once the All-CIF players have been selected, which include an MVP for the year, the committee then begins placing the remaining nominated athletes on the All-SCA teams.  The remaining players may be selected and placed on the All SCA teams, however, the number selected varies based upon the number of nominations.

Congratulations to all the players selected for all three teams!  It is an honor to be among the elite players in the most competitive high school soccer area in the country.

All-CIF Teams Girls D1.pdf

All-CIF Teams Girls D2.pdf

All-CIF Teams Girls D3.pdf

All-CIF Teams Girls D4.pdf

All-CIF Teams Girls D5.pdf

All-CIF Teams Girls D6.pdf

All-CIF Teams Girls D7.pdf


All-CIF Teams Boys D1.pdf

All-CIF Teams Boys D2.pdf

All-CIF Teams Boys D3.pdf

All-CIF Teams Boys D4.pdf

All-CIF Teams Boys D5.pdf

All-CIF Teams Boys D6.pdf

All-CIF Teams Boys D7.pdf