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Posted: 02-28-2018 |  Updated: 03-09-2018 @ 08:32

2018 Senior All-Star Game

March 24th, 2018 @ Estancia HS

SCA Member Coaches, SAVE THE DATE!

The 2018 Senior All-Star Game will be held on Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at Estancia High School. The game is FREE of charge for players. Admission $5 Adults, $3 Student U12 FREE

Please "nominate" 1-2 players that are 100% available and committed to playing in the game. Personally ask them & confirm if they can show. Send your NOMINATIONS to your DIVISION COORDINATOR...From the list of interested players, the FINAL roster will be made by March 16th...TO BE CLEAR, A NOMINATION DOES NOT EQUAL A SELECTION.

This is an SCA member only game.

2018 Senior All-Star Game Times @ Estancia High School

11am Boys D5 vs. Boys D 6/7

12:30pm Girls D5 vs. Girls 6/7

2pm Boys 3 vs. Boys 4

3:30pm Girls 3 vs. Girls 4

5pm Girls 1 vs. Girls 2

6:30pm Boys 1 vs. Boys 2

Players will be wearing their SCHOOL UNIFORMS!

Dark Color (D1, D3, D5)

Light Color (D2, D4, D6/7)

All players selected will need to sign and bring the parent permission liability form to the game...SEE FORMS on the SCA HOME PAGE


Download this form here.  Then bring the form with you to be allowed to play.

2018 All-Star Game Medical Release Form (1).docx


-Jeff Gordon

SCA VP-Events